What I ate…Otherwise known as, “I only eat things out of bowls.”

Posted on | February 25, 2014 | 3 Comments

I love it when bloggers share what they eat throughout the day. I don’t know why. What’s so interesting about what people stuff in their mouths? But I always get different lunch ideas or ideas as to how to break my meals up to keep me full, so I thought I’d join in the party.

7:30AM-Got up and scarfed half a Larabar and half a banana. I hate bananas. But everyone says I should eat them to help avoid cramping. Whatever. I drank a cup of coffee with it, and then I had a pre-workout drink on the way to the gym.

9:00AM-Dropped the babies at the CrossFit daycare area and started warming up. The work out today was,

Warm up: 2x-30 Jumping Jacks
-30 Seal jumps
-20 Jumping squats
-10 dislocates
-20 good mornings
-10 inchworms

Goat Work for ten minutes (I chose pull-ups and did a pyramid. First one, rest ten seconds, two, rest twenty seconds, and so on).

WOD: 800m run
5 box jumps at 20″ (Rx was 24″)
9 hang cleans at 85lbs (Rx was 95lbs)
400m run
7 box jumps
7 hang cleans
200m run
9 box jumps
5 hang cleans

Whooo. It was a tough one. I think I could have Rx’d the weight, but 24″ box jumps are still scary to me. I did one before the WOD and was able to make it, but I felt pretty sure I’d slam into it by the last round, so I went with the safer choice.

10:30AM-When I got home, I gave the babies some snacks and scarfed a bowl of leftovers from the night before. I had roasted brussel sprouts, bacon, and turkey sausage in a bit of olive oil, garlic salt, and a tiny bit of parm cheese. SO good. Some times I’ll do a protein shake after the gym, but usually only if I don’t have real food on hand or if I’m feeling a bit overheated still.

12:30PM-Lunch time! I scrambled up eggs and gave the boys breakfast for lunch. It’s always a huge hit. I had two eggs, myself. I was still kind of full from my after work out snack. But two eggs in a bit of butter is always a good pick-me-up.

1:00PM-Naptime, thank the sweet Lord. I scrubbed the bathrooms and then laid down in bed for about forty-five minutes. I find that on the days I’m able to, a nice little nap really helps me get through the week.

3:00PM-Sully’s up and hungry. He doesn’t really nap anymore, but he still has to have “quiet time” in his room. Sometimes he’s less than quiet, but at least I get a little break. I cut him up a few strawberries and then make myself a half cup of greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey and a tablespoon of chia seeds. This is one of my favorite snacks of all time. I also had some Airborne because I was feeling a little bit like I’m getting a cold. Bleck.

4:30PM-Everyone’s up! Gym time again. I don’t always do two-a-days, but right now it’s too cold outside to really enjoy the park, and the boys like playing with their friends at the gym daycare, so on days like this, I go ahead and hit the gym one more time.

5:00PM-Sign the boys in and hit the bike. I did,

3 rounds of 20 second sprints, 10 seconds of rest on the bike. In between rounds, I did max sets of push ups.

Then I hopped on the treadmill and did,
Run 800m
Rest half the time
Run 800m
Rest half the time
Run 400m
Run 400m
Run 200m

After that, I was pretty smoked. The work out only took about thirty minutes with warm up and cool down.

6:30PM-After a quick drop by the grocery store, the boys and I head home. They requested “Paw Patrol” (I let them watch a couple episodes of their favorites shows at night while I’m getting supper ready). I fixed supper up as quickly as I could because I was starving! The boys had some roasted turkey, a few brussel sprouts, some chips, yogurt, and string cheese. They didn’t touch the sprouts. Oh well. I had leftover sprouts and a couple more eggs. This time, I added some extra turkey, a sprinkle of cheese, and some hot sauce. SO good.

After getting babies bathed, PJ’d, read to, and down for the night, I made a green smoothie with two big handfuls of spinach, one cup of grapefruit juice, and a handful of mixed berries. I usually need some sort of sweetish evening snack to tie me over until the next day. Now, I’m getting ready to brew some Sleepytime tea and call it a night.

So phew. There you go! It’s quite a bit of food, I guess, and I never feel deprived. Some days are better than others. I could have used some more veggies today, but I was feeling a little lazy in the preparation portion. Maybe tomorrow? On two-a-day days, I definitely have to eat more to help recover. I just am learning to listen to my body and feed it what it needs…not what it wants. I’ve learned french fries and ranch dressing are amazing, but they don’t do great things for me. The boys don’t eat quite as cleanly as me. I throw in some fruit snacks or a granola bar here and there for them. If I didn’t, feeding them on the go would be much more difficult. It’s not perfect, and I’m definitely not saying you have to eat like me, but if you’re nosy like me, maybe you liked this insight.


3 Responses to “What I ate…Otherwise known as, “I only eat things out of bowls.””

  1. Jill S
    February 26th, 2014 @ 6:52 am

    My days lately have had a lot more chocolate.

  2. Verna
    February 26th, 2014 @ 7:54 am

    I love eggs! I eat them at least once a day too! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Rachel
    February 26th, 2014 @ 4:00 pm

    I know I NEED veggies, but am not a big fan so I make a blender full of green smoothie daily with spinach carrots celery cucumber and a little fruit juice. 2-32 oz bottles are pretty filling and good snacks.

    I love eggs too :)

    And I agree…it’s a little weird, but I also enjoy seeing what other people eat.

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