Cloth Diapers: Retailer Exclusive and Limited Releases

Posted on | June 29, 2015 | Comments Off on Cloth Diapers: Retailer Exclusive and Limited Releases

It’s an interesting thing, being a mommy. You go from stalking Vogue magazine for the newest Spring fashions to setting alarms on your phone to catch a limited edition cloth diaper release from your favorite retailer.

Well, not always, of course. I still love a good pair of boyfriend jeans, but most of my “fun money” tends to go to cloth diapers or cute clothes for the boys.

There seems to be an absolute flood of retailer exclusives and limited edition diapers being released this season. In addition to the limited diapers, new colors and prints are popping up left and right, leaving moms (and dads!) scrambling to their PayPal accounts and hiding credit card bills from their less understanding spouses. One of my favorite brands, Rumparooz, has released at least two new colors or prints every month this spring. Their most recent releases, Scarlet and Nautical are perfect for the Fourth of July and summer season. They also put out Poppy, Orchid, and Dandelion. These bring colors are perfect for the summer days.






Another great brand is Smart Bottoms, and they have started a trend of releases exclusives to retailers. I think retailer exclusives are awesome. They build suspense, bring a great deal of business to a particular retailer, and these retailers get to decide what diaper to release. It is an interesting reflection of the retailers’ personalities and likes. Abby’s Lane released a Rainbow Love Smart Bottoms diaper that I am absolutely obsessed with. The colorways were different for every diaper, so lots of people did trades to make sure they got a color way they liked. I was indifferent and thought they were all beautiful. Lil Tulips has released Sea Adventure, Kelly’s Closet did Atomic Blast, and recently, Lali’s Fluff did Patriot. They are all adorable, and Smart Bottoms is totally killing it on prints.

Atomic Blast


Sea Adventure

My current prints:
Atomic Blast, Heinrich, Rainbow Love, American Tweetheart, and Jax and Jill. Aren’t they lovely? I apologize for the crappy iPhone picture.

Everyone from AppleCheeks to BumGenius are on it this season. What happens to be your favorite? How do you feel about exclusives and all these releases?


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